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The journey of GreeNox that started in April 2016 went on growing rapidly with our exceptional quality of food and service we boast of. With the aim of catering to your cravings without compromising on your holistic well-being, we commenced leading the market in providing fresh, nutritious and healthy food at a reasonable price at your doorstep. With the help of technology, we strived to serve you food that would be prepared in a clean and convenient environment. To achieve that, we combined fresh vegetable and fruits in your favorite dishes. Our Yogurt or vegetable-rich salads were specially created with love and concern for you. Founded and led by an alumnus of IIT Bombay, our team excels in its job in appeasing your passion for food. While you explore your love for food, we take care to supplement your health concerns. It is with this mission we make all the efforts to serve you not only fresh and healthy food but also a unique experience that you would like to look back. We take pride in the taste of our food and effort to make it hygienic and comfortable for you. The food we serve is highly rich in energy and nutrients so that your immune system excels with radiant energy to defend every opponent.

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